AKOCORE ADVANCE® AKO introduces the most advanced and intuitive cold room controller in the refrigeration market: AKOCORE ADVANCE®. AKOCORE ADVANCE ® is a self-adaptive and integral Cold Room controller specially designed to optimize Cold Rooms by actively improving four critical axis: Reduce Costs of Maintenance, Time of Installation and Start-up: A typical issue with advanced regulation systems […]

AKOGAS NDIR   EARLY GAS LEAK DETECTION Despite the slight drop in the price of HFCs in the past few days, Refrigerant Gas continues to be worth its weight in GOLD. As we all well know, the refrigeration sector is experiencing a difficult situation, due to the current refrigerant gas scenario. Over the past year, HFC […]

Identifying when and where a leak occurs in refrigeration installations is key to reducing direct costs in refrigerant gas leaks and to optimizing maintenance costs. Gas leaks happen for a whole range of reasons and in a great variety of situations and scenarios. In reality, it is impossible to find a refrigeration system with a […]


The annual company convention was held on July the 14th and 15th, basing the whole event on trusting the members of the team, from the product and process training seminars to the leisure activity the whole team enjoyed. Backed by the slogan “We believe in ourselves” the company’s Human Resources management, that led the event, […]

AKO held technical training seminars in the “Complexe de Formation Profesionelele-Hay” vocational training centre in the town of Nahda (Rabat), with over 5000 students where 3 professional training cycle seminars were given on Refrigeration, which were attended by over 850 people. The main objective of these training seminars was to demonstrate the use of cooling […]

AKO meets expectations at the first edition of the Targul Frigotehnistului Fair held in Romania The company is considered as an international benchmark in the refrigeration sector and actively participates in local trade fairs  AKO, a Spanish company specialising in the comprehensive regulation and control of industrial and commercial refrigeration facilities for the refrigeration sector, […]

The company is investing in the future of Refrigeration at its Cold Experimentation Room AKO is currently engaged in the research and development of new solutions for the Industrial and Commercial Refrigeration market at its Cold Experimentation Room, located in AKO’s headquarters in St. Pere de Ribes (Barcelona). The company, who started this ambitious project […]

The manufacturer ensures compliance with current legislation for the European refrigeration systems on which its safety devices are installed. November 2015. AKO is a leading Spanish company for regulation and temperature control in industrial and commercial refrigeration devices and is continuing to provide its customers with solutions that enable them to adapt their facilities to […]

AKO shows the market advantages and benefits facility solutions at the Sixteenth Edition of the Climatización Trade Fair. The company has rated its participation in the latest edition of the International Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation and Refrigeration Exhibition CLIMATIZACIÓN 2015, reflecting its consolidated position as national brand leader. AKO, in its strong commitment to offer added […]