A little over 2 years ago, AKO, aware of the problem of gas leaks and their timely detection, launched the first system for early refrigerant gas leak detection. This system consisted of implementing a network of sensors connected via MODBUS to the WEBSERVER AKONET, which was in charge of handling the information sent by the […]

Our company has been developing, designing, and manufacturing temperature monitoring and control equipment for over 40 years, especially for refrigeration, and we are dedicated to solving problems such as those that may arise in the day-to-day management of thermolabile products, or in room management for preparation and prescription areas. We’re talking about the impact on […]

There are usually two types of challenges—arising from two different sources—in the management of refrigerated or frozen assets within the Food Retail or Horeca sector, but both have the same effect: Lack of information as monitoring systems not available Too much information: the systems are available, but we cannot manage the amount of data presented […]

Avoid waste and costs in the conservation of products stored with AKODATA IoT temperature and humidity probes for commercial refrigeration   Most stand-alone services in Food Retail (Supermarkets, Hypermarkets, Convenience Stores, Cash & Carry) do not have any type of monitoring. Due to the revolution that the refrigeration sector is experiencing as a result of […]

In Spain there are approximately 20,000 Food Retail establishments, and only one sixth of that number are larger than 1,000m2. Because the Food Retail market in Spain is so highly fragmented, it has very different refrigeration equipment needs than in other European countries. The five main chains account for 50% of the market; in Europe, […]

SUCCESS STORY – AKOCORE ADVANCE AKOCORE ADVANCE, by means of its Self-Drive (c) algorithm, and its robust mechanism, capable of controlling loads of up to 2CV through its five relays, acts on all the loads in the cold room store (compressor, fans, defrost, drainage resistor etc.), optimising electricity consumption, product conservation and extending the operating […]

Conservation of Refrigerated Foods Food waste in the HORECA sector In 2018, there were almost 280,000 restaurants (1), and 17,000 hotels (2) in Spain. The vast majority of these establishments do not have any system for the remote management or remote monitoring of temperatures in the food stored in their cold room stores and refrigerators […]

The company wishes to thank the numerous visitors who showed interest in its solutions and visited its stand. March 2019. The Spanish firm specialising in Commercial, Industrial and Logistic Refrigeration presented its latest new products on stand 8B11 in Hall 8 at the latest edition of the International HVAC & R Exhibition. This edition closed with important results, […]

AKOCORE ADVANCE® AKO introduces the most advanced and intuitive cold room controller in the refrigeration market: AKOCORE ADVANCE®. AKOCORE ADVANCE ® is a self-adaptive and integral Cold Room controller specially designed to optimize Cold Rooms by actively improving four critical axis: Reduce Costs of Maintenance, Time of Installation and Start-up: A typical issue with advanced regulation systems […]

AKOGAS NDIR   EARLY GAS LEAK DETECTION Despite the slight drop in the price of HFCs in the past few days, Refrigerant Gas continues to be worth its weight in GOLD. As we all well know, the refrigeration sector is experiencing a difficult situation, due to the current refrigerant gas scenario. Over the past year, HFC […]